Our Consultation process

We believe in the quote, “The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers. If you don’t appreciate your potential client, some else will ”

Excellent service starts when we respond to a client’s enquiry and secure an appointment. No client wants to be kept waiting, ignored or ghosted. When we book an appointment, we confirm it and will arrive on time. If we are running late, we will notify the client. We know that if we can’t make it and don’t communicate with the client, we have just told the client we don’t deserve their money or business. Our actions prior to the client signing anything, is a good indicator of the type of service the client will assume they will expect or receive from our business.

The client has welcomed us into their home; so we are professional, attentive and are in no rush. We are present! Taking the measurements properly and not in a rush is a respectful way of communicating that we pay attention to detail. It shows the client that we are committed to making their transformation what they need.

The onus is upon us to ensure that everything fits properly, all plumbing, electrical points, doors/entrances, windows and walls must be measured. The ceiling height must be measured at at least 2 different points of the space. We need to also get the appliance measurements – width, depth and height. The position of existing plugs, light switches, water feeds and outlets must be measured. We will look and assess the inside of existing cupboards for potential issues. If we are going to make any mistakes at this point, be assured that there will be more mistakes that will cause the business great inconvenience to remedy.

The client is also gauging our competence of how and what is being measured. We will ask questions and consult the client on any changes they would like to see. We know that we are not designing the kitchen for ourself! The client deserves the respect to know that they will have what they need, like and are willing to spend their money on. We need to also know their dislikes and transformation wishes.

Contact us for a consultation on +27 63 163 1789 or +27 61 686 7003 or kazlla.furn@gmail.com. We look forward to transforming your space to an exquisite living space.

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