Our Aim And Offer To Our Clients

At Kazlla Carpentry, we believe that everyone deserves exquisite living spaces, regardless of the space size or area. We capture the prospective client’s vision correctly and in detail, to deliver the masterpiece as envisioned.

Our objective to convert our clients to a group of raving fans who become the pipeline to future loyal clients is one we take seriously. We rely on our sales etiquette to make that impression.

We have been able to give RDP, small, large and picky homeowners beautiful home transformations by keeping this objective in mind. Everything we design and install is what the client needs as the money invested in these transformations increase the value of their investments and gives them a sense of fulfillment.

We have not lost clients due to the conduct of our sales reps. They represent the organisation when they are out in the field. Their professional conduct and our strict consultation process ensure that the client is equipped with information to make informed choices.

We understand that prospective clients that complain, will take their money elsewhere. The client is far better off finding another keen, efficient and responsive supplier than chasing a sales rep or company for attention so we always keep in touch with our clients.  Ultimately a mutually respectful relationship is built from every consultation.

We believe that every single prospective client has a chance of being a raving happy fan that can refer our business to others who will need our products and services.

All our staff are specialists that are passionate, competent, patient and capable individuals who strive to meet our clients needs. Our converted clients have become members of our Kazlla family!

We source the best and superior quality materials from reputable suppliers to affirm our promise to our clients.

In addition to our excellent service and unwavering confidence in our expert workmanship, we offer our converted clients 100% 1 year quality warranty for all work completed.

Contact us for a consultation on +27 63 163 1789 or +27 61 686 7003 or email Kazlla.Furn@gmail.com.

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