My testimony

The last thing I remember before my accident is my car idling in the driveway. It was 2008, and I’d arrived home late and a bit tipsy after attending a friend’s wedding. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed the remote to the automatic gate wasn’t working so I decided to scale the 2-metre wall to open the gate from the other side. When I reached the top, I lost my footing and fell headfirst onto the cobblestone paving below. I cracked my skull and broke my neck. I was unconscious for six days. When I woke, I felt as though I was in a straightjacket. I couldn’t breathe, swallow or talk on my own. It was terrifying. Later, doctors came in to see me in the ICU. “You will be on a ventilator for the rest of your life,” they told me. “And you may have to be institutionalised,” I remember being so angry. I had always been super active and now I was being told I was a quadriplegic. In that moment, I thought of my five-year-old son and what this meant for him. In the early days, I went through many dark times. What got me through were visits from my pastor, who was helping me work through my divorce at the time, plus being able to watch Christian TV. That’s where I first heard Pastor Brian Houston. Years later, I discovered the Hillsong Channel. On days when I am in chronic pain and on nights when I can’t sleep, I’ll switch on the Channel and immediately feel encouraged and strengthened. If I can’t make it to church, I’ll watch the Channel. God has been incredibly faithful, and I’ve seen him work so many miracles. Getting off my ventilator and being able to swallow is perhaps the biggest miracle of all. Surviving double pneumonia and three cardiac incidents in hospital was a medical miracle, and it’s a miracle I was able to break a three-year opioid addiction. In 2012, I was baptised and now I am a member of Hillsong South Africa, hosting a connect group at my house. I have this unfading hope that, despite my injuries, I will live out God’s purpose for my life. I consider myself so very blessed.

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