Let us give your child a hand to equip them through maths. Join Towermaths today We need to banish fear with the correct way of teaching mathematics.

Our method is based on the latest neurological research on how the brain functions using brain scans.
-It is without a doubt the best long-term investment in the future of our children and of our country.
-Towermaths focus on the foundational numeracy skills in pre-primary and primary school and therefore concentrate on Grade R to Grade 3. It is a breakthrough in teaching mathematics and developed by Prof. Koop Lubbinge over a period of 15 years. Our aim is to teach mathematics in a fun way in order to get rid of any fear for numbers. We need to get parents to take responsibility for their child’s future by giving them the opportunity to develop mathematical skills at as early as the age of 4 or 5.
-Towermaths tutorship will be offered to individuals who commit to the implementation of our Towermaths program through interactive classroom teaching.
-Towermaths can be taught from as young as an age of four years. It is suitable for all persons who would like to become numerate.
Our aim is to have 1000 000 learners on this program in 2020. In order to do this we need tutors to assist us with training

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