Home Buyers and Sellers.What Do You Want,What Do You Really,Really Want?

It goes without saying that a real estate agent can help make or break your sale from happening.

In this current market because of the limitations on movement placed on us because of the Corona Covid-19 virus, it is even more important that agents know exactly what today’s and sellers buyers need, so we will not have unnecessary face to face contact meetings or viewings.

Your agent needs to put the necessary digital steps in place. For example, the agent needs to select what technology would be most helpful for a home buyer when deciding on a new home. From a buyers perspective the following would be important:

– good quality photos of the property
– a Virtual tour of the home
– accurate and detailed information about the property
– a video chat with the Agent

After using all this technology, buyers should be able to guage their interest in the property and only if they a really serious about the property should they request to see your property in person. If the buyer wants to view, we should proceed safely and have the following guidelines in place:
– understanding that the top priority should always be to obey the law and adhere to the restrictions. If this is not done it could lead to the estate agent or seller being sued should the buyer contract the virus.
– Limit in-person activity and no physical contact.
– Require guests to wash their hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer
– Follow legal guidance on social distancing and wearing face coverings

In conclusion, we believe that technology will become an even more imperative part of how people buy and sell homes in future and some of these new practices adapted during and after lock down will be here to stay. Because buying a property is such a huge and personal investment , I do not believe the physical viewing of a property will be replaced soon, but in this new era virtual strategies for buyers and sellers will be essential. An agent with a digital plan may be the game changer when it comes to selling your house. So ensure that you appoint a trusted real estate professional to help you with your next move.

For further information or advise , contact Mark Brickles on 072 742 6963 (Whatsapp preferred) or email Mark@VirtualRealty.co.za


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