Holiday at home

🚙 April was meant to be my month for travel. ✈️

I had 3 trips planned:
I was meant to be in Gamkapoort (The Hell) on a sentimental family long weekend at the beginning of the month. 🌄
This past Easter weekend was meant to find me camping in Sabi with my family and friends.⛺️
I was planning on ending off the month with 10 days in the desert.🏜

I could sit here sulking and thinking about the “if only”…..


I could create my own version of a holiday. 😉
I moved my office desk into a room overlooking the garden and pool. 🌳🦋🌹🌞
Now I can relax and get inspired by nature all day long.

💫”Let’s make magic together!”✨

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