Growing Pains During The Journey

The commitment to change isn’t one that is taken lightly often times we will think of all the things we will have to give up and or lose just to start moving toward change and that’s a fear in itself. Choosing to commit to brining change into one’s life can be filled with many doubts of the unknown and that’s okay I guess as its part of the process. Have you ever gone through something say, caring for a loved one? And not knowing how it will all pan out but you do it anyway the best of your ability. Well, I am pretty sure the process is the same when deciding to take control of your own life and dreams; that feeling of not knowing how to exactly bring it into manifestation can be the most trying and conflicting time in one’s life as well as the most stressful.
When we look at our lives most think this is not a bad deal. It’s pretty good yet we still long for something more to define ourselves or feel like there just has to be more to life. I have had this feeling a few times myself so I can definitely relate questions like: How do I earn money and keep it? Do I stay in this relationship and or marriage? How do I kick this habit or substance, procrastination, negative thoughts and attitude? Am I a good parent and role model for my children? What will happen when I am gone? How do I create enough money to just live comfortable? Do I stay at this Job? Do I get another Job to make things better? How can I give back to the community and or world? Does my life truly have a meaning rhyme and or purpose of being? One can reflect and take inventory of what they have and feel grateful and yet still feel a longing of something unknown to the person or people.
For the minority of us financial stress is linked too much of the doubt we feel in our lives. Not that money is everything especially when you learn how paper and coin money will someday become absolute! Now, if that line doesn’t create some form of fear and or anxiety about our futures. Now, calm down I am sure that there will always be a form of currency to navigate through life. I only provided that example just to get your attention. As we continue to evolve throughout life things that once are slowly becoming no more yet we are thriving and serving in this life.
This is a question we all can ask ourselves from time to time in moments throughout our lives. Many times throughout our lives we face many challenges some big, some small, some not so much; yet we tend to feel stagnated, frustrated, empty, alone, afraid and a list of other emotions that will not serve us for the good. Do you ever find yourself in a rut feeling type of way? Do you ever find that you know you have to make a choice and or take action but not sure which choice and or action to take? Have you ever felt like something in your life has to change so that things can improve? Well, one thing the questions may be different but most of us feel or have these feelings from time to time in our life.

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