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25 August 2020
Anything can happen at any time. This statement rings true in 2020; no-one could have ever foreseen the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on our daily lives. Planning for life’s many unexpected events is one of the ways we can protect ourselves and our loved ones while ensuring our future financial freedom.

Insurance, and particularly a funeral policy, is often seen as something for ‘old’ people. However, you are never too young to insure yourself or your loved ones against unexpected or expensive life events. For most young adults, the salary from that long-awaited first job is a great opportunity to finally pay for those things they have been dreaming about but could not previously afford, like a brand new car, renting an apartment closer to work or upgrading their wardrobe. However, death is an unfortunate part of life that we all have to be prepared for, regardless of age.

The cost of funerals has risen over the years and families are often forced to incur debt in order to cover the costs of burying loved ones. Financial freedom means not getting into debt that isn’t planned for and that you cannot afford. So, start putting aside some money towards this certain but seldom expected event in life. The purpose of the plan would be to cover your own life and those of close family members, like parents and/or siblings. It is never too early to start saving through a funeral plan.

Here are some of the benefits of a Liberty funeral plan:

Quick availability of funds. This means no need to apply for a loan with high interest and expensive yet longer repayments. Most funeral plans are able to release funds to a member in 24 hours after receiving a claim with all the necessary documents. Other savings vehicles might require longer notice periods and processing in order to release the funds.

You can cover a large number of family members. Funeral cover allows you to cover family members beyond your immediate family, including grandparents.

Payment holidays. In the event that you lose your job or you temporarily have a hard time paying your monthly premiums, a premium skip functionality allows members breathing room to skip paying premiums while they get back on their feet financially.

Cash back benefit. This rewards members with a certain percentage of their premiums back for not claiming on the funeral.
Thinking and preparing for death is never an easy thing to do. But being brave and taking the steps to prepare for it will ensure that you have the peace of mind to enjoy life knowing that when it occurs you and your loved ones are covered. Take the first step today with Liberty Funeral Plans!

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