From meditation to coaching – A little about me

A little about me…

I’m born and raised in Montreal Canada. My parents met in Jamaica where they both taught at Dunrobin High School in Kingston. My mom is the Jamaican one 😊 My dad is from Port au Prince, Haiti. I come from a loving family who looks out for each other. My parents separated when I was about 7 and my grandma (whom we affectionately call Manman) took care of all her grandchildren while her children went to work. She prayed daily and always included every single member of the family in her prayers. Today, she is 97 years old and she, along with my parents and the village of people who contributed to my upbringing, have instilled in me the values I hold dear today. Consciousness and mindfulness are amongst the values I want to see spread.
I started on my journey towards self growth because of the frustrations and impatience often associated with balancing parenthood and life. I have no doubt that my upbringing (the exposure to the prayers and good virtues) also contributed to my journey. I was (and still am) looking to be the best version of myself for my children and everyone around me.

I graduated in Psychology from the University of Concordia and my children (who have been my biggest teachers) have led me to getting certified as a Meditation Coach through the Liberate training program from the Sura Center.

In order to learn how to become a meditation coach (life coach who incorporates meditation), meditation had to become part of my daily routine. It has brought a sense of peace to my life. I’ve had a pretty constant inner voice message throughout my life: “Live with compassion”. I’m convinced that that same message is guiding me in everything I do.

I will now help you build confidence so you can show up as your best version everyday.

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