From criminal to PhD student

Yesterday, my students and I were privileged to spend some time with Vusi BraWise Kweyama, a former student of mine, who I helped with some English lessons while he was studying for his matric at the age of 28. I am truly in awe of this young man, who has transformed his life from being a criminal to being a successful student, as well as an entrepreneur, starting two businesses and being involved in community development and more. As my Grade 12 students are now in a similar place to where he was all those years ago, working so hard but not knowing where their future journeys will lead, meeting Vusi was truly an inspiration for them to continue to persevere, despite the extreme hardship and struggles that they face on a daily basis. He encouraged them not to lose hope and not to give up, as matric is the first stepping stone for their future.

Thank you, Vusi, for taking the time to speak to my students and motivating them at just the moment that they needed it the most, a week before they start writing their prelim exams.

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