Entrepreneurial Scan(E-scan)

Entrepreneurial Scan (E-Scan):
E-Scan is a fully automatic test based on scientific research about successful entrepreneurship which started in 1995 and has continuously been evaluated. The E-Scan will give the user an objective insight into their entrepreneurial profile. The test results are compared with other successful businesses in the same sector. By doing this the user will obtain a clearer picture of which business skills they need to improve. The E-Scan is suited for both aspiring and established business owners. More than 700,000 people have done their E-Scan
Below is a summary of the benefits you’ll receive with your E-Scan profile.
10+ COMPETENCES: Within an average of 16 minutes you have direct insight into your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. It says something about how enterprising you are and should be. The scan is based on extensive scientific research. The scan provides a clear picture and explanation of the most important characteristics and qualities that contribute to successful entrepreneurship. It gives you important new self-knowledge.
4 THINKING STYLES: A thinking style tells something about how you enterprise. Are you someone who has ideas all the time or rather the professional who wants to know exactly how something works. There are 4 entrepreneurial thinking styles: Pioneer, Sales person, Manager and Specialist. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. All thinking styles are needed in a company. An entrepreneur needs to look carefully at his own way of thinking and to fill in the missing ones.
360º FEEDBACK: Within E-Platform, the scan puts the finger on the sore spot. With the 360º feedback you prove that you have self-knowledge. With the 360º feedback you can ask up to 3 people who know you well to complete the scan about you. How do they see you as an entrepreneur? It lets you look at yourself through the eyes of someone else. Self-knowledge is of great importance for success. It is not about how you score, but how you deal with it.
Direct insight and overview in your entrepreneurial potential: Your entrepreneurial profile consists of four basic elements: motivation, characteristics, skills and knowledge. You see these elements at the top of your entrepreneurial profile, with the spider and the pie chart, stand. You will immediately see your results on the screen. In the spider or pie chart, click on an item and you go to that specific section for more information.
Tips to increase your motivation for entrepreneurship: The first element of your entrepreneurial profile is about your motivation for entrepreneurship. You will get an answer what it means and why you would like to enterprise. Motivation consists of two elements: internal and external motivation for being self-employed. You will also find out what the motivation of others is.
Feedback from 3 friends who fill in E-Scan about you and give comments: You can choose to invite up to three friends via the Entrepreneur Platform to fill in an E-Scan for you. This is called 360 degrees feedback. The results are compared with your own entrepreneurial profile (spider chart) and thinking styles (pie chart). This will give you valuable feedback on how others perceive you as an entrepreneur, and what your strengths and weaknesses are, in their opinion.
Personal notes per characteristic, quality and thinking style: Per characteristic, skill and thinking style you get explained what is meant by it. Furthermore, you will see your own score as an image and in text compared to that of successful entrepreneurs. Possibly you see the feedback mapped too for you if it is completed
Your scores compared to those of successful entrepreneurs: Your entrepreneurial profile is compared to the industry or sector that you have specified at the beginning of E-Scan. You will therefore understand how you score compared to successful entrepreneurs from the sector. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. It is meant as a directive that allows you to compare and develop yourself.
Practical tips and advice tailored to your scores: Your scores on the E-Scan are displayed as an image and in written in text. It reads like a mirror. With its beautiful and less beautiful sides. The platform involves the development of your entrepreneurship. Therefore, you will also find practical tips and advice on how you can cope with strengths and weaknesses. You can also find a business coach to exchange ideas with and use as a sparring partner.
Get inspired by quotes from successful entrepreneurs: Successful entrepreneurs themselves almost always learn by trial and error. But they also learn to stand up and stand out. As a result, they often have inspiring quotes. Life lessons they have experienced themselves, mostly literally. They have lived through the quotes, so to say. It makes it so inspiring. You read them on the Entrepreneur Platform. You can also submit a quote yourself.
Keep track of your entrepreneurial development: The most important aspect and at the same time the most difficult aspect of the Entrepreneur Platform is to develop your entrepreneurial skills by yourself. With E-Scan you will immediately understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. And every entrepreneur has its weaknesses. In the platform, development is made easier. Still you have to do all of the work. You can start with your development, work focused and get support.
Process your entrepreneur profile into your business plan: The E-Scan is often used to enrich many business plans. This lets others get a good and detailed understanding who’s behind the plan. You can easily cut and paste your profile in your plan. The most important thing – for example, a bank – wants to read, is how you will deploy your strengths and how you deal with your weaknesses: Who is the entrepreneur behind the business?
Download your E-Scan as PDF or PNG to add to your business plan: The Entrepreneur Platform is a digital environment. You can find all your scores on the E-Scan, chat with people who have given you feedback and ask questions to online coaches. But you can also download your report as a pdf and save it to your computer. For example, if you want to put it in your business plan as an attachment.
How a business coach can help you: Research shows that the combination of the E-Scan with sessions with a business coach leads to success. Survival rate is increased to 89%. Therefore, you may find experienced business coaches in the platform with whom you can talk about your business (idea). You can easily start a chat within the Entrepreneur Platform. They love sharing their knowledge and help you.

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