Don’t Miss the Valentine’s Message, Miss

“If I can save time in a bottle” …

If we can click on a link and follow …
If we can tune into a radio station and listen…
If we can find a moment, sit back and listen to a beautiful song,
If we can create through a few lines and brush strokes,
If we can only make time for the most important person in life,
We will find laughter after tears, sunshine after rain.

What is your Valentine’s Message to You?
Are you the most important person in Your life?

Without YOU there is NO other to whom you can be important. Without You, there is NO one who can Be the spontaneous You!

Create, Draw, Paint, Write and Live your story of Love, Life, and Victory. Yesterday is Full of beautiful memories, but Now, Soon tomorrow will be yesterday

Sweet Surrender, like a fish in the water, a bird in the air

You will find a sense of
How the light shines through the dark
as you paint the picture in your mind,
as you create your wildest memories now.

Listen to any song, anytime any minute.
How does it make you feel?

Serenade, write your own, sing it with a salute
“Please be my Valentine”
Can you feel how it dance you from the past into the future?
Dance, Walse with your ideas, dreams

What a beautiful love story,
when you love yourself,
when you value yourself,
when you are complete,
when you find the partner
who loves the same way.

Love fills not the gap
Love is complete.

Like every business owner,
Like every entrepreneur,
Complete in her/his own way
Compliment each other,
inspire each other through
words, service.

Life is a Song,
Love is not for the lucky
or just the strong …

Happy Valentine’s Month

Credit to Nana Mouskouri

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