Do we really care?

I work at a Study Center twice a week. Over the past 10 years I had the privilege to observe and help many children with concentration problems.

Last week I realized that many parents are not aware of the effect sugar has on their children’s ability to concentrate. One child (who has a problem with concentration, battles to focus and to sit still in his chair), really battled to complete his work in the time frame he was supposed to. It actually took him 50 minutes to complete instead of 20 minutes.

After some small talk with the child, I discovered he had an energy drink on his way to the center. For a child already battling to focus this is really detrimental!

If you are sending your child to school with energy drinks, you are not only making it difficult for your child to learn, but you are making it extremely difficult for the teachers to do their work properly.

I am sure you most probably experienced some of a teachers’ frustrations during the lock-down. Did you ever wonder how they cope with over 30 pupils in the class and you only have your own 2 or 3?

I sincerely urge you to think about the breakfast your children have and the lunchbox you pack for school. When they have cereal, the carbohydrates boost their energy, but they burn it quickly and when the sugar drops they get lethargic and their bodies crave more sugar, which could make them moody and aggressive. Rather try give them some protein to build their brain, keep them full for longer and able to focus on their work.

Show you care by replacing sugary drinks with Rooibos tea. Annique also has some wonderful flavored Rooibos for those who need to get used to the taste of Rooibos.

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