Designing The Perfect Kitchen

How to get the best design and gage our sales etiquette.

We ensure that every 3D design is not a reflection of our taste and likes, we want the design to be your dream realised. We understood the quote by Vince Lombardi when he said “It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose ‘them”

Our expert sales rep ask a lot of questions and are not afraid to ask about the budget. The client answer has a direct bearing on what should be designed and defines what materials and products will be used.

Not engaging the client on their likes, dislikes and ultimate financial goals will result in us designing a reflection of what we like and dislike instead of the clients. We will mitigate all risks and not waste time unless a client has given us Carte Blanche on the design, however it is best to get the information from the client.

The design will be a reflection of the client tastes, likes, dislikes and lifestyle choices. We DO NOT underestimate the benefits of a client seeing 3D designs for their space. This allows the client to visualise their space before committing to anything. No fugly surprises and costly changes.

* Budget
* Design Ideas from client
* Colour choices and style from client
* Notes about possible issues, inclusive of clients dislikes.

Quality is never free – free most times costs more so beware of those who promise free designs. If the client is only after a design, the company makes a loss in operating expenses when we give it to them for free for them to use another carpenter for the installation. We protect our skills and retain the copyright of the designs until payment is made for the installation or design. We explain to our clients that the design fees vary from R1 000 to R6 000, depending on the complexity of the designs, man hours taken, expensive software costs and travelling expenses. In the current economic climate and increasing pressure of expenses, this is purely financial considerations.

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