Breathwork and Mind Power

Did you know that just by using your power of Mind you can change heart rate, blood pressure and even your metabolism? Our thoughts have the ability to tense up our body and go into “fight or flight” mode or calm down and go to “rest and digest” mode.

Our breath is a wonderful tool that can be used very efficiently to balance our emotional states by observing our breath and being consciously aware of how we breathe. Then we can start by taking some conscious breaths that will instantly have an effect on our Central Nervous System sending signals to our Body and Mind either to relax or to be more alert.

Modern Breathwork stems from many ancient cultures and has adopted Pranayama practice which literally means regulating the life force or Prana. In other words, by controlling our breathing we influence every system in our body. In many cultures breath is associated with life as there is no life without breath.

There are certain Pranayama practices that help reduce stress and anxiety in our life, for example, deep and connected breathing. Only when our Mind is totally calm can we start improving our current state of being as that is the natural state of our body. We turn our attention inwards and in this meditative state we can create new thoughts, new ideas that , with the time, will be hardwired in our brain.

Some people might feel stuck because they are trying to create life and reality outside of themselves but it doesn’t work like that. Our thoughts create our emotional state that ultimately determines what we are attracting in our life. Real change in life happens from within: our heart and mind works like a magnet, which either attracts or pushes away things in our life.

When you master your breath you also master your Mind. You start to accept the outside world as it is and learn to flow with it without trying to change anything that we have no influence over. Deep, conscious breathing practices help to understand the power we have within us to change our perspective.
By deepening your breathing practice you can discover your true self and feel empowered to create the beautiful life that you desire and invite new things into your life.

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