African Silhouette and Medical Tourism

It is Friday morning. Another group of Dr Van Niekerk’s patients are arriving. First to drop off their travel bags…

Each guest appointed to his cozy room, prepared just for him. All of them travel single, besides one couple.

All having one thing in common.
The big C challenge

We prepared a special meal for their arrival. These men are hungry, we learned from the past. Once they arrive back after the day’s procedures and treatment, they are not as I expected, tired and weary.

After a 2 course meal, prepared to each dietary needs, they all seem to only then go quiet, after discussing which medication they have to take after the meal.

All carry One Hope, one Life. Each tell their story and experience at the breakfast table.

My first encounter with medical tourism, changed my empathy heart to one with joy. To cry with them ~ but laugh with them.

These men are fighters, young and old.

Moments of peace, relaxation, rest, as everyone reflects on their own journey, calm their souls.

Times past, but now, times to come.
A time to treasure, in their moments of sickness and health.

What an honour to host guests from all around the world.

A privilege to be alive and available to supply a place of “healing”

No challenge is too big.

Guests with cancer, guests who travel from other provinces to meet their specialists, with hope.

In this place, a kidney was healed.

We are waiting for a patient to receive a liver transplant.

There is a time
A reason
A season
For each guest we host.

Some stay for a day
Some return for a lifetime, regularly.

From Oncologist to care-giver, each take hands to uplift and help, providing professional services.

What an amazing world we will live in

Thank you
I take not one day for granted.

Health, Wellness,
Life, Healing

How can we assist
Accommodate and

So many hospitals around us,
Family need a place to stay?

Remember the Travel World is Big

We take care of the small details of your life and journey

Travel Safe & Be Well

Susan Valentine
& Team

Marketing Level

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