A promise is a promise

This week we received a lovely review on our Facebook page. :
“world class service provider, brilliant quality. I recommend without hesitation”.
What a lovely compliment. But the back-story is even more amazing and filled with promise
In short;
Deon installed a wall to wall bookshelf in the, client’s home. Without the client been home.
That evening they called us, a bit upset and informed us this was not what they envisioned.
We immediately arranged a meeting, had discussions with them and found that the dissatisfaction was more about a few of our design features than quality or workmanship Unfortunately adapting the design to suit the customer’s requirements, meant that we had to remake approximately 60% of the project -(added on to this, the dismantling of said unit and later the re installing of the unit)
After discussing all this for a few minutes, we realised that rather than defend the merits of our design, we simply will have to remake the unit and do what was needed to be done.
The result, a happy client for life.
Subsequently we have made a point of clarifying all design points during personal interactions with all clients before manufacturing.
The point, a promise is a promise…

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