A day on the farm

Unlike everyone in lock down in the city, we are privileged to be in open space in Nature, with walks, abundant bird life, animal calls and mountain views! There is no time adhered to, rather what the challenges of the day brings, no week/weekend breaks as the calendar governs. An early walk in the labyrinth, down to the pump house or checking the water level in the holding tanks. Feeding the dog and cat and having a light breakfast follows, before the staff arrive for their daily chores.
Getting to work and overseeing the staff during the day while I check on emails on the computer. Attending to requests, enquiries and possible online webinars for the day keep us busy until lunch time break. Freshly picked salad leaves are a favourite for lunch, whilst listening to a new Audio book sent from our daughter.
Afternoon shift is slower as the heat of the afternoon tends to lesson the eagerness of the morning shift. Sewing and mending, baking or tending the the somewhat overgrowth from the wonderful amount of rain enjoyed, in the established gardens.
Staff departure, with time to settle into a recorded webinar before preparation for our supper.
Dog walk with our lovable Ridgeback and checking the Eco natural water swimming pool for any cleaning.
Catch up time with Social media before retiring with a book/ relevant articles of the day.

Marketing Level

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